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CSUK:Teacher & CSUK:ReviseCS Memberships Bundle

Buy both memberships together in one bundle and save money!

If you already have one of these memberships and are worried that buying this package will overlap your current membership term, fear not! If you already have a membership (CSUK:Teacher or CSUK:ReviseCS), any additional membership years purchased will be added to the end of your current membership term.

CSUK:Teacher Membership

Providing 1 year membership to CSUK:Teacher, unlocking the entire site for access to the complete CSUK Computer Science teaching resources catalogue.

Key Stage 3, 4, 5 and Programming Resources.

Everything you would need to deliver a successful CS curriculum.

CSUK:ReviseCS Membership

Providing 'teacher' membership to CSUK:ReviseCS, for 1 year, enabling teachers to create unlimited numbers of classes, enrol unlimited numbers of students into the premium courses, analyse their students' performance and progress as they work through the revision materials and revision quizzes.

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