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Buy both memberships together in one bundle and save money!

If you already have one of these memberships and are worried that buying this package will overlap your current membership term, fear not! If you already have a membership, any additional membership years purchased will be added to the end of your current membership term.



A complete KS3 curriculum covering programming, web design, CS Theory, CS History & Digital Citizenship

Lesson Presentations
Lesson Workbooks
Video lessons
Knowledge Organisers
Unit Assessments


A complete suit of resources, mapped to each of the GCSE specifications.

Lesson Presentations
Lesson Workbooks
Video lessons
Versatile BrainQuest Worksheets (great for ‘Do Now’ starters, lesson tasks, plenary tasks or Homework)
Unplugged Topic Puzzles


A complete set of resources helping you to deliver the ALevel specifications.

Lesson Presentations
Lesson Workbooks
Video lessons


A growing set of resources helping you to deliver Procedural Python Basics, Object Oriented Python, SQLite3 and HTML lessons.

A huge amount is in development with so many new and improved resources on the way!
View the roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/lp8XadcQ/csukteacher


Mapped to each exam specification, ReviseCS offers fully trackable GCSE courses via its intuitively organised online learning platform.

Course contains:

Interactive Lesson Presentations
Video Lessons
Online Note Taking Facility
Online Interactive Flashcards
Downloadable/Printable Flashcards
Interactive Learning Check Questions
Automatically Marked Multiple Choice Quizzes
Written Exam Questions (with innovative guided marking system)

Platform also offers:

Quiz Performance Analytics
Written Exam Question Analytics
Quiz Attempt History
Written Exam Question Attempt History
Performance Analysis (broken down for each GCSE topic)
Points, Badges, Coins and a Virtual Shop, aiding motivation and engagement
Task setting with task deadlines and task monitoring
Student Engagement Analysis
…and more.

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