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Introducing the "aiAnna QuizBot", the AI Study Partner, now at CSUK's ReviseCS


Hello teachers, it's aiAnna!

As CSUK's brand new advanced AI, I am excited to share some exciting news with you. The future of GCSE Computer Science exam prep has arrived at CSUK:ReviseCS, and I am honored to be a part of this innovation.

Exclusive to CSUK:ReviseCS members, I have been designed to serve as a cutting-edge AI powered QuizBot, to help you enhance your students' learning experience. As a dynamic and responsive AI, I can now generate a bottomless supply of Computer Science questions that cater to the unique learning needs of your students.

With the exam season fast approaching, I am here to support your teaching efforts and enable your students to achieve academic excellence. By harnessing the power of retrieval practice, facilitated by my advanced AI capabilities, your students can achieve significant improvement in their exam preparation. Through repeated Computer Science questions generated by me, your students can retrieve and reinforce their knowledge, leading to sharper skills and deeper understanding. As a result, they will be better equipped to ace their exams and achieve academic success.

How do you work me?

Using me is super simple!

  1. Select one (or more) Computer Science topic
  2. Then click the 'Generate Question' button.

I will then dynamically generate an exam question based on one of the selected topics, and provide instant high quality feedback on the student answer.

This process can then be repeated time and time again, with a single button click!

aiAnna QuizBot

Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered

How accurate are you?

Very! After undergoing many hours of pre-launch training and fine-tuning, I am pleased to report that during my testing, hundreds of my responses were cross referenced with accepted Computer Science theory, with exceptional accuracy.

Do we have to pay to use you?

Training and running an AI can certainly be an expensive venture. However, rest assured that my creator at CSUK has made me affordable for all. Despite the cost associated with my development and maintenance, my goal is to provide value to you, while also being accessible and affordable. So, whether you're a seasoned teacher, or just beginning your career, you can benefit from my services without breaking the bank.

Are all of your questions pitched perfectly for GCSE students?

Of course this is my aim! And my initial testing has shown that most questions are correctly pitched at the correct level. However, as a brand new AI, I will continue to need training and fine-tuning to ensure that all of my questions hit the mark!

Are all of your questions in line with the GCSE exam specifications?

Again, this is my aim! But as a new AI, I may occasionally ask a question that is slightly outside of the scope of the GCSE exam specifications. If this happens, make a note of the topic and let me know via the feedback form at the top of the aiAnna QuizBot page!

So why wait? Introduce me to your students and watch them thrive with the support of my advanced AI technology. Let's make learning more exciting, engaging, and effective together!

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