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Discover CSUK:Teacher's exceptional KS3 computer science curriculum resources, expertly crafted to engage, inspire, and challenge students. Our comprehensive program ignites a passion for computer science, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration through diverse topics like coding, hardware, HTML/CSS/JS, Scratch, digital world literacy, binary, Python, historical CS figures, networks, and Micro:Bit physical programming.

CSUK KS3 Curriculum Journey

The curriculum is organized into several engaging themes, including Programming (Problem Solving), CS Theory (Theory), and Web Authoring & Game Making (Digital Creativity). These themes allow students to explore various facets of computer science, helping them build a strong foundation in key concepts and skills.

In addition, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship. These essential skills are implicitly developed throughout each unit, equipping students with the tools they need to navigate the digital world confidently and responsibly.

With our exciting KS3 curriculum resources, you can expect your students to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of computer science. They'll be immersed in hands-on activities and interactive learning experiences, all while building a solid understanding of the subject matter. Get ready to transform your classroom and empower the next generation of digital innovators with CSUK:Teacher's KS3 resources!

Designed to Satisfy the UK National Curriculum

Our exceptional KS3 curriculum resources are fully mapped to the UK National Curriculum, ensuring that your students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education in computer science. We have meticulously designed our resources to align with the curriculum standards and learning objectives set forth by the UK education system. To help you visualize this alignment, we have created a detailed visual representation that showcases how each unit and theme corresponds with the National Curriculum requirements.

By using our KS3 resources, you can have confidence that you are providing your students with a high-quality, engaging, and standards-aligned educational experience. With CSUK:Teacher, you can rest assured that your students are not only learning the essentials of computer science but also meeting and exceeding the expectations set forth by the UK National Curriculum. Discover the difference our meticulously crafted resources can make in your classroom today!

KS3 Mapping

What KS3 resources come with a CSUK:Teacher membership?

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Lesson Presentations

✓ Presentations for Every Lesson of Each Unit
✓ Detailed and Engaging
✓ Designed with both Specialist & Non-Specialists in Mind
✓ Fully Editable Resources


Lesson Workbooks

✓ Each Workbook Contains Detailed Lesson Theory .
✓ Student Activities Provided
✓ Fully Editable Resources


Knowledge Organisers

✓ Knowledge Organisers for Every Unit.
✓ All Key Learning Points Covered
✓ Thorough and Engaging
✓ Fully Editable Resources


Video Lessons

✓ Complete sets of Lesson Videos (for the vast majority of units).
✓ Presentation Talk-Throughs



✓ Assessments for Each Unit in a Variety of Forms

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