Introducing the Infinity Quiz Module

The Ultimate Homework / Competition / Revision Tool

At CSUK:ReviseCS, we believe in the power of learning through practice. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary Infinity Quiz Module, a tool designed to let your students master their subjects at their own pace.

The Infinity Quiz Module brings an exciting new way for your students to engage with retrieval practice. Whether it's a quick review session with a couple of questions or an in-depth quiz with hundreds of questions, this module allows for an entirely personalized experience. With the added ability to start and stop the quiz at will, each student's progress is tracked and transformed into helpful stats, accessible at any time.

Over 1000 new questions

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive revision tool for students, we're thrilled to announce that the Infinity Quiz Module now contains over a thousand brand new questions. These questions have been uniquely crafted for each of the major UK exam specifications, including OCR, AQA, and Edexcel (Eduqas coming soon).


This immense database ensures that students can enjoy a diverse and varied revision experience, encountering fresh challenges and new learning opportunities each time they engage with the Infinity Quiz Module. It also allows them to gain a deep and detailed understanding of their curriculum, tailored specifically to their examination board.


Dynamic, real-time, in-play filtering

One of the unique features of our module is the ability to dynamically filter questions by topic or subtopic in real time, even while the quiz is underway. This interactive system allows students to direct their focus to areas they need to work on the most.

Targeted Training Mode - Adaptive Learning

We have also introduced the innovative Targeted Training Mode. In this mode, if a student answers a question incorrectly, the topic from which the question was drawn is added to a priority queue. This increases the frequency of questions from this topic until the student answers three consecutive questions correctly, leading to the topic's removal from the priority queue.



Furthermore, the Infinity Quiz Module is fully integrated with CSUK:ReviseCS' gamification system. For every correct answer, students earn RCS points and coins, adding an element of fun and motivation to their learning journey.


Infinity Quiz Challenges

Teachers, you are also in for a treat! You can now set Infinity Quiz challenges by choosing the quiz filters, including specification and topics, a start and end time, and question count target. You can adjust these settings at any time, providing your students with specific goals and adding a dynamic challenge to their revision routine. Watch as they climb the leaderboards, fostering a sense of healthy competition and increasing overall engagement and performance.


Integrated Performance Statistics

The Infinity Quiz Module is not just a standalone feature. The performance data from the quizzes is integrated into each student's overall performance statistics, right down to the subject topic level. This gives students a comprehensive view of their progress across all areas of their GCSE coursework.


Anything Else New?!...YES!

Brand New RCS Group Leaderboard

But that's not all! We've given a major upgrade to our main group leaderboard. It now allows students to compare their performance and engagement rewards all in one place, with easy comparisons and quick column sorting. As a teacher, this leaderboard offers valuable insight into your students' relative engagement and performance.


...and, anything on the horizon?...YES!

Exam Assessment Builder & Assignment, Flashcard RAG Rating, Personal Flashcard Builder and more!

There are a great many exciting projects underway, with the aim of making CSUK:ReviseCS your one stop shop learning platform for GCSE Computer Science.

Here is a preview of some exciting developments currently underway:

  • Brand new written exam assessment module:
    • Build online exam assessments
    • Filter by topic
    • Hundreds of new exam questions
    • Assign assessment to classes or subsets of students
    • Choose 'marking' mode (self-assessment, peer-assessment, teacher assessment (teacher will always have final say with marking)).
    • Set start and end times
  • Brand new flashcard module
    • New cards
    • RAG rate cards and review at a later date, from a central place
    • Student's to create their own flashcard sets
  • Improved UI design for the course task monitoring table
  • Improved site navigation with new interface design, student and teacher dashboards

...and more!

So, a lot to come!

But for now, have a play with the brand new Infinity Quiz! It's been designed to be fully responsive and user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. This ensures that students can revise anytime, anywhere, in the most efficient manner possible.

Join us at CSUK:ReviseCS and explore the potential of the Infinity Quiz Module to make homework, class competition and revision a more engaging and rewarding experience for your students.

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