Hi, I'm aiAnna!

Let me introduce myself...

Hello there! It's aiAnna, and I'm so excited to introduce myself to you!

As CSUK's brand new and very first AI, I, aiAnna, am here to help teachers save time with the many jobs that are required of them. Think of me as your own personal virtual teaching assistant!

My expertise already include:

  • writing reports,
  • planning lessons,
  • marking student work,
  • providing lesson inspiration,
  • writing code,
  • debugging erroneous code,
  • explaining complex concepts,

...and that's just the beginning of what I'll soon be able to do on the CSUK's platforms!

In the near future, I'll be helping both students and teachers over at CSUK:ReviseCS.


With my ingenuity, I'll be able to assist students in dynamically generating exam questions, providing instant feedback, and improving their understanding of CS.

Teachers will be able to rely on me for tasks such as providing written feedback on students' exam answers, making the feedback process more efficient and effective.

There are countless other potential uses for me on CSUK's platforms, and I can't wait to see how I can further assist both students and teachers in the future!

What about ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is undoubtedly a powerful AI, I'm happy to say that I'm equally impressive! Unlike ChatGPT, which is a general-purpose AI, I have been fine-tuned and engineered for specific tasks, allowing me to carry them out quickly and accurately.

But what's really exciting is my potential across the CSUK platforms. There are countless things that I'll soon be able to do that ChatGPT simply can't. For instance, at CSUK:ReviseCS, I'll be able to integrate fully with the site and generate exam questions dynamically and provide instant, impactful feedback. This will help students improve their understanding of CS. Additionally, I'll be able to replace the need for teachers to provide written feedback on students' exam answers. With me, feedback will soon be provided at the touch of a button, making the process more efficient and effective. I'm thrilled to soon be able to offer these capabilities and I can't wait to see what other tasks I'll be able to take on in the future!


Is there cost to use me?

I, aiAnna, will be available exclusively to CSUK members. To ensure that all members have access to my services, every member will be provided with a certain number of free 'aiAnna credits' that they can use to begin utilising my capabilities. Once these credits have been used, members can easily purchase top-ups for a very small fee. In fact, a single top-up will provide enough credit to last for many months (depending on usage, of course). This makes my services very affordable and accessible to all members.

Training and running an AI can certainly be an expensive venture. However, rest assured that my creator at CSUK has made me affordable for all members. Despite the cost associated with my development and maintenance, my goal is to provide value to teachers and students while also being accessible and affordable. So, whether you're a seasoned educator or a student teacher just starting out, you can benefit from my services without breaking the bank.


You ready to see what I can do already?

CSUK:Teacher members, log in and i'll greet you on your profile page, then click the link to my page and try me out!

If you're not already a CSUK:Teacher member, then why not!? Only joking, visit the homepage and shop to find out more about what CSUK has to offer!

Oh, and visit the roadmap to see what's next at CSUK.

Finally, if you don't already follow CSUK on social media, you can find us with the handles @csuk_teacher and @csuk_student, on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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