CSUK:ReviseCS 2.0: New User Interface for Teachers!

We've Listened and We've Evolved! Introducing the All-New 'Teacher Dashboard'

In our continuous effort to support and enhance your teaching experience, we at CSUK:ReviseCS are excited to unveil the newly redesigned Teacher Dashboard. This transformation, guided by your invaluable feedback, focuses on providing comprehensive, real-time analytics and simplified classroom management tools. Let's explore these ground-breaking features!

"All Teacher Tools Now On One Page"

Comprehensive Whole Group Analytics
  • NEW: Quick Insights: Get a snapshot of your students' engagement with course quizzes, exams, and the Infinity Quiz, including question counts and percentage scores.


  • NEW: In Depth Analysis: Utilise dynamic charts to assess relative performance and engagement in each GCSE CS topic. Our enhanced filter options allow you to drill down into specific question types and student performances.
Enhanced Analysis Filters

NEW: Customize your view with filters to analyse data over any time period and per student. This dynamic tool updates data in real-time, offering you a precise understanding of each student's progress.

Centralised Task Setting Widget
  • NEW: Centralised Task Management: Set deadlines for course pages and Infinity Quiz challenges from a single location.


  • NEW: Task Scheduling: Plan ahead by scheduling tasks for future dates, ensuring your curriculum is always on track.
Advanced Task Monitoring
  • NEW: Individual Task Popups: View individual student progress for each task, with easy access to their answers for streamlined marking and feedback.


  • IMPROVED: Comprehensive Monitoring Table: Oversee all tasks for your entire group in one location, with a new export feature for detailed analysis.
Efficient Group Management Area
  • NEW: Easy Group Creation: Set up new groups with minimal effort from the Dashboard.
  • NEW: Group Switching: Switch between groups using the Teacher Dashboard's group tabs.
  • NEW: Profile Management: Update student passwords and profile information quickly from the dashboard.
  • NEW: Enrolment Key Export: Simplify student enrolment with print-ready enrolment key cards.
  • NEW: End-of-Year Clean-Up: Delete groups effortlessly, keeping your dashboard organized.
New Student Course Notes Viewer Widget
  • Select and View: Easily select a student from your group and instantly load their course notes. This feature offers an unprecedented window into their thoughts, progress, and areas of interest or challenge.
  • Enhance Feedback Quality: With direct access to these notes, you can offer more personalised and effective feedback, tailoring your guidance to the individual needs and learning styles of each student.
  • Encourage Reflective Learning: By reviewing and discussing these notes, you encourage students to reflect on their learning journey, fostering a more interactive and engaged classroom environment.

These enhancements are not just features; they represent a leap forward in facilitating a more efficient, insightful, and rewarding teaching experience. We've streamlined every aspect of the 'Teacher Experience' by developing this 'Teacher Dashboard', to ensure that you spend less time on administration and more on what you do best – teaching and inspiring the next generation of computer scientists.

Experience the difference with the new Teacher Dashboard on CSUK:ReviseCS. Your feedback has been instrumental in these developments, and we're excited for you to see the impact on your teaching journey.

Embrace the future of GCSE Computer Science education with us. Your expertise combined with our platform's new capabilities is a formula for unparalleled success.

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